Ep.40: Tara Kemp- How To Live A Thriving Holistic Vegan Lifestyle

I was looking for a really cool, fascinating guest to have on the pod for episode 40, and Tara Kemp did NOT disappoint!

Tara has been on a radical journey to get to where she’s at today. From overcoming an eating addiction to discovering a plant-based diet where she is now a prominant leader in the vegan/plant-based community. Tara shares what it took to get to where she’s at today, and how she’s used nutrition, meditation, and the connection to her tribe to heal and THRIVE!

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Show Notes:

Connect with Tara!

Instagram: @tarakemp_

Website: Coaching, Blog, Connect- tarafkemp.com


Books/Documentaries Referenced:

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives is also a Documentary (for FREE) on Netflix


Connect with Me!

Instagram: @jessguidroz

Website: jessguidroz.com



Love you guys! Till next week.


Peace Love Light,


Ep.39: Angie Sanchez- Self Love Above All Else

What a treat! Had a blast rapping with Angie Sanchez on the podcast again! If you missed our previous chat go and check out episode 15 to learn more about Angie and the radical things she’s doing in the world.

This conversation was a unique one. We opened up talking about Angie’s recent Ayahuasca ceremonies and the breakthroughs she’s been experiencing. This led us into what we discuss for the majority of the podcast, which is SELF LOVE. We discuss why it’s so important, how to have more of it, why so many people struggle with it, and how and why it’s what WILL change the world.

This conversation was so much fun, and the part is we know it’s going to help so many people!

Enjoy :)



Peace Love Light,



Show Notes:


Connect with Angie on Instagram: @_angiemsanchez

The Self-Love Integration Workshop!

Connect with Jess on Instagram: @jessguidroz

Ep.38: My Pops Interviews Me!

Not many people get to have one of their parents interview them in their lifetime. I am so blessed to be able to have a platform like this and a dad who is articulate and brilliant and a great listener and question asker (interviewer). We conducted this interview on my 32nd birthday. A birthday I will never forget. I hope you enjoy it!


Show Notes

Peruvian / Guatamalan Cacao: FlyKakao.com

Ep.37: Tim Morrison- The Embodied Man

It was such a pleasure to be able to sit down and get to really know Tim Morrison. Tim is a legit first-class Healer, who uses shamanic breath work, sacred sounds, Cacao, plant-medicines, and various programs and workshop/retreats to help reintroduce people to their truest Self. Tim’s journey is wildly fascinating and you won’t want to miss or fast-forward any part of this episode because there are real gems sprinkled throughout.

If you’d like to connect with Tim here are the best ways to do so:

Instagram: @timmorrison__ 

Facebook: The Embodied Man Project

Ep.36: Solocast- Unlocking CREATIVITY

On this solocast version of the podcast I explain a recent creative breakthrough I experienced. I give the 5 strategies and routines I implemented every day to unlock my inner-creative genius that led me to the creation of our new incredible entity, the SCV VEG Fest.

Show Notes:

Early-Bird Tickets for the SCV Veg Fest


The Artist’s Way book


Veg Fest Website: scvvegfest.com

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Ep.35- Dan McDonald (The Liferegenerator): Raw Living Foods, Vaccines, & 40-Day Water Fasts

I’ve been following Dan McDonald a.k.a. The Liferegenerator on YouTube for quite some time now. I actually watch his videos EVERY DAY during my lunch break at school. I’m pulled towards Dan’s message for a myriad of reasons: First, he preaches the “Sunlight Diet”, which is simply a Raw, Living, Vibrant Food diet that consists primarily of fruit, herbs, soaked/sprouted nuts & seeds, juices, leafy greens, and vegetables. Secondly, he doesn’t believe that nutritional science is the end all be all because there is still so much we don’t know about the human body, food, and the Universe. Third, he speaks his truth and tests out everything on himself first. He is a student of everything that he talks about and has dedicated his life to learning, implementing, and spreading the message of health, spirituality, love & unity. And I dig ALL THAT! I’m so freakin’ stoked to introduce many of you to Dan and his message on todays EPIC show!

We cover so much on today’s show, from Raw Living Foods, to Vaccines, to Fasting to Detoxification and Spiritual connection. If you or anyone you know is struggling with Disease, Obesity, Diabetes, Depression, Addiction, or any ailment whatsoever, I can almost guarantee this episode and Dan’s YouTube channel (The Liferegenerator) will help.

Dan is a master of detoxification, juicing, fasting, and living a raw plant-based lifestyle. He currently resides in Hawaii with his girlfriend where they live off of the fruit of the land and continue to spread the message of true health and wellbeing. All links to access more of Dan are below in the show notes.


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Show Notes:

The Liferegenerator YouTube Channel

Dan’s Website: RegenerateYourLife.org (Lifetime of Work Special Promotion!)

Enzymes and Probiotics: Puradyme.com

Follow Dan on Instagram @liferegenerator

Follow Jess on Instagram @jessguidroz

Ep.34- Michael McPherson: Tapping Into Your Heart, Meeting Emotions With Compassion, & Learning Parenting Lessons From Our Kids

“The way to get connected to what inspires you is to tap into your Heart” –Michael McPherson

So stoked to welcome BACK Michael McPherson to the show! We’ve been called to collaborate and rap together on the show once a month from here on out. Michael and I vibe really well and share a similar vision for what we’d like to create in the world so teaming up was an absolute no-brainer. Michael is someone I really look up to and feel inspired by every time I’m around him and I couldn’t be more grateful for his friendship.


Today’s episode was so much fun to record. We had NO agenda, no planned talking points, no game plan. We simply poured our cacao (KAKAO), hit record, and freestyled our way to epic-ness!


Man, this episode is full of so many gems! We dive into what heart-centered living is and how to find what inspires you by learning how to tap into your heart. We discussed the incredible power of Compassion and how to learn to cultivate compassion for our emotions whenever we feel them. We discuss masculinity and we each share personal struggles we face with certain issues revolving around what it means to be a “man”. Then we end the show talking about parenting…yes, parenting! Definitely NOT a topic either of us thought we’d be having, but it came out so naturally and powerfully and we really touched on some really important points that I know you’ll really get a lot of value from.


As usual, if you enjoy this episode or would like to share it out with someone you know it could help, please feel free to do so! Also, feel free to head over to iTunes and leave us a five-star review and a positive comment! We appreciate you!


Show Notes:

Ceremonial-Grade Cacao (FlyKakao.com)

Earth Is Hiring Tour (get yo tickets!)

Connect with Michael on Instagram: @michaelmcpherson

Connect with Jess on Instagram: @jessguidroz


Thrive Academy’s Sponsor:

Health IQ: To get your free quote, CLICK HERE

Ep.33: Plant-Based 101: Tips, Results, & Changes to Expect When Adopting a Plant-Based Lifestyle

This episode was created out of pure inspiration. I was inspired by the questions I’m most frequently asked in regards to adopting a plant-based (PlantPowered) lifestyle.

Over the past month I’ve been documenting my journey into cleansing and detoxification all over Instagram. I’ve eaten absolutely NOTHING but fruits and vegetables for the past twenty-one days, juiced twice a day for most of them, and have watched my entire body (and life/consciousness) transform. I had some really intense detox symptoms and I’ve had the best sleep I’ve ever had in my life. There have been lots of ups and downs but overall it’s been the most regenerating experience of my life. Throughout this documentation I’ve been receiving more questions than I ever have before.

People are extremely plant-curious. With all that’s going on in the environment, animal rights, healthcare (disease-care), disease, obesity, etc. people are starting to wake up to the fact that the old way of diet and nutrition is not working anymore, and it’s time for a SHIFT.

This shift is a shift away from animal-based products that clog up our systems and bog us down, to a clear and regenerative way of living that hydrates, alkalizes, and nourishes our entire being, and the planet! It’s time we wake up to the fact that we are being called to step up and look out for our Mother, Mother Nature. She has provided us with everything we need, yet we’ve taken advantage of her and exploited her in every way imaginable. Now she is starting to feel the effects of our exploitation and something has got to give.

This is why NOW is the time to embrace a PLANTPOWERED Lifestyle. Give back to our Mother. Take back your health and vibrancy. Protect our planet. Look out for our animal brothers and sisters. Step into a higher level of consciousness that exists on the other side.


Today’s podcast is a response to this calling. I wanted create something to help anyone trying to make the tansition but might not know where to start.

I broke the episode into two parts: the first part consists of the 8 results/experiences you can expect when transitioning from your lifestyle/diet to a plant-based one. The second half of the episode is all about the 8 tips I’d recommend you do once you’ve made the transition and you’re all good to go. You should be able to use these tips as your compass to navigate these unknown waters successfully and enjoyably without making a lot of the mistakes that I made.


I hope this episodes help you out, and maybe even inspires you to take the leap you’ve been called to take. If it does, please feel free to share it out with friends and family on any and all social platforms. You can tag me on Instagram @jessguidroz and use the hashtag #thriveacademypodcast.


Peace Love & Light,




Show Notes:

Episode Sponsor: Health IQ- Get your Health IQ Quote by Clicking Here


If you’re looking for some inspiration and would like to find some super RAD Plant-Powered humans doing some awesome things in the world, checkout the following peeps:


Lastly, if you’re ready to try out the PlantPowered 21-day Jumpstart for some free recipe’s and mindfulness practices, CLICK HERE :) 


Peace Love & Light,


Ep.32: Julie Piatt (SriMati)- Homeschooling (Unschooling), Intuitive Parenting, and Conscious Creativity

“If you feel as if you don’t belong to anything, it’s because you came in to create something new that’s never existed before” –Ken Wilbur

Honestly, I had really high expectations for this conversation. I’ve listened to SriMati speak hundreds of times and I know the kind of wisdom she carries and power she packs in her words and vibration. All that being said, somehow, this conversation far exceeded all of my expectations. It seemed like one big transmission  was being called out of us (mostly her, I just asked the questions :). Even the location and weather for this episode was divine, yes, DIVINE! Julie and Rich’s home is so beautiful and welcoming and the vibes are unlike any other home I’ve ever been in. The weather was incredible, sunny and 75! We laughed, cried, and really created something special with this episode, and I’m so excited to bring it to you.

So who is Sri Mati? She is an incredibly strong, compassionate, artistic and forward-thinking, beautiful being. She is a mom and a wife and an artist, a yogi, a singer/musician, a plant-based chef, a podcast host, and an overall badass. She travels the world teaching and hosting yoga/wellness retreats. She’s authored 3 best-selling cookbooks that transcend the stereotype of what a “cookbook” really is. They are more like healthy lifestyle guidebooks that emphasize tasty plant-based recipe’s for the whole family to engage in. She is the host of the Divine Throughline Podcast. She is the creator of the Jai Yoga online video series. And I’m sure there about 25 other things she’s done that I’m not mentioning. The point is that she’s amazing and she graced us all with her beautiful presence today on this episode.

Thank you, SriMati!

On this episode we really dig into some hot-button topics that I have been dying to discuss with Julie for years. The main topic being that of homeschooling, or UN-schooling as Sri likes to call it. We talk about the incredible benefits of homeschooling/un-schooling, why the school system is broken and outdated. We talk about what an ideal homeschooling structure could and should look like. Julie explains why so many of the homeschooling myths are misleading and simply wrong. She gives advice for parents who are being called to homeschool but are unsure if they are adequately equipped to do so. We really dive deep into this topic and let me just tell you how much I learned and how much my entire perspective has shifted because of this conversation. Yes, it’s THAT good!


We also touch on other super rad topics like how to teach and cultivate creativity. We talk about conscious/intuitive parenting. We discuss plant-based nutrition and how to care for your body mind and spirit. And we talk about a bunch of other things that you will just have to listen to the episode to really experience.


This episode was such a treat, and I hope it finds you with the same energy that went into creating it for you.


If you feel so inclined, please feel free to share this out with your family and friends. And if you feel like really spreading the love and tapping into some radical cosmic karma, head over to iTunes and leave us an uplifting comment and 5-star review.



Here are the episodes Show Notes:


Sri Mati’s Cookbooks:



This Cheese Is Nuts


Sri’s Jai Yoga Video


SriMati’s Podcast:

Divine Throughline Podcast


SriMati’s Website:



SriMati’s Instagram Account:


Ep.30: Nadine Mitchell- Embracing Your TRUE Self, Overcoming Addiction, & The Power of Community

As the host of this podcast I have the incredible privilege of sitting down with some pretty rad peeps who are doing some really epic shit in the world. I get to ask them questions about their lives and deconstruct their “success” in a way that most people never have the opportunity to do, and it’s freakin’ awesome! Such a blessing… But very rarely do I get to sit down with someone who I have been homies with for 15+ years and hear them tell me their real story from beginning to end. Today I was blessed with that gift.

Today, on episode 30 (so fitting!), I was able to sit down with Nadine Mitchell. Nadine is a badass Christian mom, blogger, influencer, entrepreneur, who is doing LOTS of good in the world. She is the mother of 3 beautiful daughters and has a fourth little miracle on the way, hence the name of her blog, Mother of Daughters (love that name!). Nadine’s story is one of overcoming trials and tribulations, and how she was able to turn her MESS into her MESSAGE. She is an advocate for women and uses her blog as a platform to reach, help, and inspire people to love themselves, find and keep the faith, and always trust that God has a very specific purpose for their life.

I can’t wait for you to peep this conversation. There are so many gems in it that I know will spark the change in at LEAST one person out there. We dive into her personal journey and struggles with abuse, addiction, PTSD, and Disassociate Disorder. She opens up and gets so real and vulnerable with her marriage with the ups and the downs that they’ve experienced so far. We talk about parenting, community, God, church, and, as she would say, “all the things!” Ha! She cracks me up :) Anyway, Nadine’s spirit is SO refreshing, her transparency is beautiful, and her authenticity is unparalled, which makes her one of the most fun and engaging interviews I’ve had so far.

So please, ENJOY!


If this episode moves you in any way and you’d like to express your appreciation, please feel free to head over to iTunes and leave us a positive comment and review. It takes 5 minutes and really helps the show reach a lot more people.


If you’d like to check out the resources that were discussed in the episode, peep the show notes below.


We love you guys!


Peace Love & Light,



Show Notes


Nadine’s Blog (AMAZING CONTENT!)  motherofdaughtrers.blog

Follow Nadine on Instagram: @_motherofdaughters

The IG account she created to bridge the gap of the superficiality of social media relationships and build an authentic real-life community:  @motherlymeets