Ep.19- Zan Sacker: Birth of the Hell Run, Masculinity, Deepening Relationships, & Pushing Your Limits

This week I had the good fortune of being able to sit down with my good friend Zan and talk about some really dense issues. The episode is sort of broken into two big parts. The first half we spend a lot of time talking about the birth of the Hell Run he created and how Masculinity and Relationships play a vital role in it’s purposes. The second half we spend some more time talking about cultivating meaningful relationships, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and what it means to truly THRIVE.

Zan is truly a man’s man. He is the founder and creator of the Hell Run. The Hell Run is a run that goes down Saturday mornings in the forest of the mountains in the Santa Monica region. He unites men from all over the city together in a ceremonious tribal environment that encourages men to stop being “good boys” and to tap into their true nature as men. This race is filled with obstacle courses, intentional mindfulness exercises, and connects man with nature in a truly unique way. The Hell Run helped me deal with some issues I had a while back and really gave me a healthy shift in perspective. Zan is also a father of two beautiful girls, and is married to an amazing women who also happens to be best friends with my wife.


To reach Zan to connect and learn more about the Hell Run you can find him through the following links:

Personal Email: zan@zansacker.com

Real Estate Email: zan@sackerlovell.com

Phone Number: (310) 560-1622


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This episode is brought to you by the Mind Body Spirit 30-Day Challenge. A challenge that combines Mindfulness, Movement, and Nutrition all in one in order to create a fully comprehensive program that teaches you to align your 3 hearts (Mind Body Spirit). To learn more about this Challenge and how to get started, simply CLICK HERE and join our MBS Tribe today!


Thanks so much guys! Talk soon.


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Ep.18- Jeff Bomberger: Disrupting the Healthcare/Political Landscape, Alcohol, & Doing What You Love

Jeff Bomberger is a jack-of-all-trades. He is a personal trainer, filmmaker, photographer, screenwriter, and a political activist. Jeff is also an avid meditation practitioner and is well versed in the world of mindfulness and spirituality. Jeff is a great friend of mine and is a familiar guest of the podcast. This episode is less of an interview and more of a deep discussion on some of the more important aspects of life.

On this episode we cover an array of topics. We talk about our broken political and healthcare systems and how we can bring about change. We dive into ways in which we can be proactive to bring about positive change in our lives by doing what we love as often as possible. We discuss drinking alcohol and why drinking less of it is probably a good thing. We discuss the power of curiosity and how remaining authentic and curious can be tremendous factors to overall happiness. We discuss the importance of moderation and how the 80/20 principle is an optimal way to live your life.


This episode is jam-packed full of gems that I know you will gain a lot from. Enjoy!


This episode is brought to you by the Mind Body Spirit 30-Day Challenge. This is the only Challenge of it’s kind as it incorporates Fitness, Nutrition, AND Mindfulness all in one place. This kind of holistic approach is essential in order to obtain optimal health and wellbeing. For more information on the Mind Body Spirit 30-Day Challenge, Click Here.


Love you all.



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Ep.17- Makenzie Marzluff: Being in Alignment, Running a Conscious 7-Figure Business, Sacred Sexuality, & Spreading Your Glitter

Makenzie Marzluff is a Conscious Entrepreneur who is passionate about merging the two worlds of Spirituality & Business. Her company Delighted By Hummus & non-profit KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate are breathing examples of just how good life can be when you choose to ‘spread your glitter.’ Featured in hundreds of articles including Cosmo, NY Times, SELF Magazine, and Oprah, Makenzie and her companies have proven that embodying Spiritual Truths & Universal Laws *do* have a place within business.

Makenzie is experienced and well-versed in various healing modalities & spiritual practices, including Plant Medicines, Meditation, Inner-Child Work, Kundalini Yoga & Breathwork, Conscious Manifestation, Sacred Sexuality, Shamanism & Sacred Space.

On this episode Makenzie describes how she went from selling her dessert hummus at local farmer’s markets to being in over 3,000 stores worldwide! We talk about her new incredible venture with the powerful superfood, Cacao. We discuss the power of setting daily intentions, being in alignment with yourself and your business, and how to spread your “glitter” to the world by staying true to your voice.

The end of the episode takes an awesome turn as we dive into the healing power of Sacred Sexuality and Meditation. This topic is usually avoided because people get uncomfortable discussing it, but NOT US!

I hope you guys enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you!


Show Notes:

Delighted By Hummus Homepage/Website

Kakao Drinking Chocolate Homepage/Website

Makenzie on Instagram: @KakaoDrinkingChocolate  and/or @delightedbydesserthummus

Mind Body Spirit 30-Day Challenge


Ep.16- Jesse Elder: Eradicating Fear, Unpacking Your Consciousness, & Breaking Through Your Money Barriers

“Fear is not your biggest problem, it is your biggest STORY” —Jesse Elder

I’m so thrilled to bring you guys today’s guest, Jesse Elder. Jesse has been the single most influential mentor of mine for the past year. Jesse is one of the most powerful leaders of this consciousness shift taking place right now. He is one of the most sought out Speakers and Coaches in the world. He has some of the most die-hard fanatical followers I’ve ever seen, and is just an overall brilliant, awesome human being.

Prior to becoming a high-end Coach, Speaker, Author, Mentor, and ethically conscious Entrepreneur, Jesse built a massive martial arts franchise from the ground up, and sold his 8 schools for millions of dollars. He was pulled to work with and mentor other Entrepreneurs who had a message to share with the world.

Jesse specializes in helping people hone in on and fine tune their message and unique skill sets. As he mentions in this podcast, people are drawn to him and fanatical about his message because he has an ability to illuminate and shed light on people’s greatest strengths and true potential. As he always states,

“If you spot it, you got.”

Meaning, if you’re one of the thousands of people who follow Jesse and admire his confidence, passion, and certainty in what he stands for, then you have those same traits somewhere inside of your consciousness.

Jesse has also created two of the most fascinating groups/tribes on Facebook: Ethical Cult Building and Jesse Elder’s 7-Day ARC Challenge.  The Ethical Cult Building Group is how I found Jesse and was introduced to him by my business coach. The second I was accepted into the group I binge watched/read all of the content I could get my hands on. I was baffled by Jesse’s teaching ability and the knowledge, wisdom, and unique insight he had on not just business, sales, & marketing, but on Life. Ever since then I’ve been hooked and visit the group for inspiration every single day.

The 7-Day ARC Challenge was another group that shed some interesting light on my skills as a Coach and my duty to spread the message I’ve been gifted with. Jesse gives his followers a Challenge every day for 7 days and asks the group members to actively participate and share their journey with the group. It’s a fascinating group and is jam-packed full of insightful content on how to become the best version of YOU.

I can honestly say that I have become a better human being because of Jesse and his teachings.


Jesse is an incredible story-teller, and you will definitely get a taste of this in this episode. On this episode we discuss:

  • How Fear is a Story you Choose to engage in, and how fear is learned and can be unlearned.
  • How to learn to appreciate yourself and not judge yourself so harshly
  • What to delete out of your life experience in order to get into personal alignment
  • How to unpack your consciousness with a 5-minute exercise
  • How to break through your money barriers and commit to financial freedom
  • Why Appreciation takes precedence over Gratitude and how that feeling can transform your life.
  • “If you spot it you got it” and how that can contribute to stepping into your power and light.


“I Was Born Without Fear… And So Were YOU”


Show Notes:


I’m so grateful to Jesse for sharing his message with us all on this episode. Hopefully we’ll be able to bring you guys round 2 sometime in the near future.

If you enjoyed this episode as much as we did recording it, please feel free to share this out with your friends and family on social media. You can tag me on Instagram @jessguidroz_wellness


Peace, Love, & Power,


Ep.15- Angie Sanchez: Raising Your Vibration, Tapping Into Higher Self, & Surrendering to Life’s Plan

On this episode I was blessed to be able to sit down with Angie Sanchez. Angie is a Spiritual Healer, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, Social Media Personality, and an overall beautiful soul. This episode is jam-packed full of goodies!

We discuss all of the following topics:

  • Hypnosis (QHHT)
  • Past-Life Regression
  • Multiple Dimensions of the Universe
  • God, Heaven & Hell
  • The Manifestation process
  • How to tap into more Money
  • Pursuing Your Passions
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Becoming a Priestess in the Santeria Religion
  • The loss of her father to a heroin overdose at the age of 8
  • Energy Healing

And SO MUCH MORE! You guys are going to love this episode and really learn so much from it. It was one of those episodes that I got completely lost in our conversation and asked tons of personal questions I’ve had about huge topic on life, spirituality, healing, and mindfulness. I’m so grateful to Angie for shifting my perspective and for teaching me how to enjoy my life just that much more.

Show Notes:

QHHT Practitioner Founder: Dolores Cannon

The Alchemist 

Creating Money 

Angie Sanchez on Instagram: @_angiemsanchez

YouTube: Angie Sanchez

Ep.14- Cory Gregory: Coal Miner to Millionaire Fitness Entrepreneur, Lessons from Arnold Schwarzenegger & Tiger Woods, & The Importance of Your WHY

On this episode I sit down and have one of the most inspirational conversations I’ve ever had with the man himself, Cory Gregory. Cory’s story is the definition of defying the odds and believing in yourself. He went from being raised by a single mom living in a trailer and working in a coal mine, to founding one of the biggest supplement companies (MusclePharm) in the world. Cory’s been on the cover of 12 magazines, owns several business’, has squatted every day for the past 3 years, he’s a certified power lifter, is a gym owner, podcast host, and is married with 3 beautiful kids.

On this episode we discuss the power of waking up early (he’s up at 3am every day!) and having intentional morning growth routines. We talk about what it takes to Squat Every Single Day. We cover what it takes to achieve your dreams and build a life that lights you on fire. He shares the lessons he learned while working 1:1 with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tiger Woods, and the power of having a clear, well-defined, meaningful WHY behind what you do.

Show Notes:

Instagram: @corygfitness

Max Effort Muscle Supplement Company

Cory’s Membership Site: CorygFitness.com

Business & Biceps Podcast

Cory’s Gym: Old School Gym

Cory’s Book: The Mindset Manual

Cory’s Business Book: Entrepreneur or Wantrepreneur 

Ep.13- Sandra Pascal: Using Ayahuasca (Plant Medicine) to Heal, Grow & Thrive

On this episode I had the pleasure of sitting down and having an incredible conversation with Sandra Pascal. Sandra is an entrepreneur, business coach, and wellness advocate who is on a mission to change the world. On this episode she and I sit down and discuss her recent life-changing experience with one of the most powerful natural healing remedies in the world, Ayahuasca.

If you aren’t familiar with Ayahuasca, it derives from a plant that is brewed into a tea. The brewed Ayahuasca tea has been known to give profound psychological and spiritual insights and breakthroughs to whoever consumes it. There have been thousands of cases where people were able to break severe depression, addiction, PTSD, and other behavior issues with the use of Ayahuasca.

Sandra’s experience is fascinating. She breaks down each day of her experience and shares her specific moments of clarity, terror, and epiphany. Perhaps the most meaningful part of the interview was her vulnerability and openness to share the specific lessons she learned about herself while on the Ayahuasca journey. She opens up about overcoming abuse, neglect, low self-esteem, and how she’s been able to mend her broken relationships from the past. Sandra even shares her own abortion story and how it’s helped shape her into the amazing mother she is to her children today.

If you decide that you would like to have an Ayahuasca experience of your own, Sandra and her husband are offering to sponsor a lucky person with a $200 gift towards their plane flight to Costa Rica to experience Rythmia on their own. If you’re interested, DM her on Instagram at:  @sandrapascal 

I’m so excited to share this episode with you guys. If you enjoy it please feel free to share it out with your friends and family on social media, and head over to iTunes and give us a 5-star rating and leave us a positive review :)


Show Notes:

Rythmia Life Advancement Center

Sandra’s Best-Selling Book: Journeys to Success: 12 Real-Life Women Share Their Stories

Facebook: Sandra Pascal 

Ep.12- Mike Bledsoe: Breathing Into Fear, Expanding your Consciousness, Optimal Nutrition, and Trusting that the Universe Has your Back

My guest today is Mike Bledsoe. Mike is a conscious thought-leader, highly successful entrepreneur & fitness coach, and an overall great guy. He is one of the most recognized faces in the Podcasting world. He is the host of Barbell Shrugged (top fitness podcast in the world), Barbell Business, The Bledsoe Show, and is the owner of Faction Strength & Conditioning.

On this episode we dive into so many gold mines. We discuss Mike’s definition of Consciousness and how we can grow and expand our own consciousness. We discuss various ways to combat fear and stress and use them to experience joy and bliss. We talk about Mike’s meditation and breathing practices. Mike shares his tips on how to eat for optimal human performance.

Perhaps the most powerful part of the show comes at the very end when Mike opens up about the tragic loss of his father 8 years ago, and how he’s been able to overcome it and use it as fuel to continue to evolve and continue to seek more out of life. Recording this episode with Mike was such a treat for me, and I’m sure that when you finish listening to this episode you’ll understand why.


Show Notes:


Ep.11- How to Live a Thriving Life

On today’s episode I dive into the discussion on what it means to live a truly THRIVING life. I give you my 6 Pillars to Thriving in this podcast, and I think you’ll really dig it.

We start with the foundation, your Mindset, and discuss meditation, gratitude, and other mental strength training tips. The next pillar is Nutrition and fueling your body with foods that will enable you to perform and function at a higher level. The next pillar is Movement. Incorporating a movement practice is unbelievably good for your body, and we discuss various movement practices you can do to make your body stronger and healthier. The next pillar is Relationships, and we dive into why they deserve your time and energy and how to enhance them. The next pillar is Fun! Incorporating Fun into your daily regiment is the most overlooked area of people trying to Thrive. Make time to do things that are Fun and make you feel like a kid again. The last pillar is Contribution. If your life lacks purpose, find a way to give back and make other people feel good. As Tony Robbins always says, “Living is Giving.”

Show Notes:

Mind Body Spirit 30-Day Challenge

Ep.10- Neghar Fonooni: Body Image, Intuitive Eating, Feminism, Red Wine, Entrepreneurship, Writing Tips, & Learning How to Go with the Flow of Life

Neghar Fonooni is a world-renown lifestyle coach, writer, fitness influencer, entrepreneur, and a badass mom. Neg has one of the most popular Health/Fitness Blogs in the world, and has created an online empire with various coaching, yoga, and fitness programs. Neg is one of the more prominent faces of the Feminist movement going on, and is extremely vocal and proactive in bringing about authentic, lasting change.

This episode is jam-packed full of gems. We dive into the issues behind body image and how to begin loving your body and yourself for who you are. We discuss how to make health and nutrition more simple and intuitive. She teaches us how to create lives and bodies that empower and rejuvenate, instead of making us feel unworthy and insecure. Neg shares some tips on how to optimize your writing and create powerful content. We discuss so much more but you’ll just have to listen to the rest to find out :)


Show Notes:

Book Recommendations:

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

The Happiness Advantage

Loving What Is by Byron Katie


Social Media:

Instagram: @NegharFonooni

Facebook: Neghar Fonooni