Ep.9- Anthony Harju: Running 100-Mile Ultra Marathons, Mindset Training, Conscious Nutrition, & Changing the World at a Macro Level

On this episode of Thrive Academy I interview Ultra-Runner, College Professor, and a great friend of mine, Anthony Harju. We dive into the Mindset it takes to complete and train for 100-mile races. We talk about what optimal nutrition is and how to fuel this kind of ultra endurance lifestyle. We discuss the importance of nourishing and thriving as a society, and not just on an individual basis. We even dive into the corruption in the agriculture industry and what we can do to help contribute to change. Anthony recommends the best way to approach nutrition, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle is to simply DO YOU. Trust your gut, follow your heart, listen to your body, and do what feels right.

Show Notes:

Recommended Books:

Born to Run

Eat & Run

Why We Run



Mile Mile… & a Half

Desert Runners


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Instagram: @harju31

Facebook: Anthony Harju

Ep.8- Reprogramming Negative Thought Patterns with Mindfulness & Intentional Daydreaming

On this episode of Thrive Academy I discuss how you can reprogram your negative thought patterns by using a technique I created called Intentional Daydreaming. By engaging in this process on a daily basis you can train your brain to create new, empowering, positive neural pathways, that in time will replace your negative thoughts of fear, worry, stress, self-criticism, and doubt. By using this mindfulness technique you will learn how to create a life that lights you on fire and will allow you to vibrate at a much higher frequency.

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Facebook Page: Jess Guidroz Wellness

Ep.7- Ken Guidroz: Bouncing Back After a Heart Attack, Making the Complicated Simple, Spiritual Meditation, and Kissing Frogs to Get What You Want

This was a very special episode for me because I had the opportunity to have an amazing conversation with my pops, Ken Guidroz, and record it, archive it, so that now I will have it forever. Ken is a fascinating person and has a truly amazing story. He’s full of wisdom and has lots of life experience in many different fields, from attending high school in Izmir Turkey, to becoming a minister and planting churches all over the world, to designing pension plans, and raising 3 boys. He shares a lot of his tips and advice for living a Thriving life on this one-of-a-kind episodes. Enjoy!


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Favorite Magazines:

Sunset Magazine

Men’s Journal

Time Magazine


Ep.6- Jeff Bomberger: Meditation Secrets, Personal Growth & Self-Discovery, and the Power of Presence & Authenticity

In this episode we dive DEEP into different meditation practices and rituals. Jeff shares his tips on how to learn to listen to and follow your Intuition. He shares his #1 secret for living a Thriving life, and the best methods to incorporate in order to grow and discover your true self. We really get deep and real on this episode and I know you are going to really enjoy this one!


Show Notes:

Recommended Books:

The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

Ishmael: By Daniel Quinn

Infinite Quest by John Edward

Tomorrow’s God by Neale Donald Walsch


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Instagram: @thebomberger

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Ep.5- Alysia Montano: Being an Olympian AND a Mom, the Power of Being a “Today Person”, Nutrition for Training, & Turning Tragedy to Triumph

Episode 5: I sit down with Olympic track star, Alysia Montano and discuss how she breastfed for a year while training for the Olympic games, ran 34 months pregnant at the outdoor USA Championships, fuels her body with real whole foods, and how she’s turned her tragedies into triumphs.

Show Notes:

Alysia’s Website: AlysiaMontano.com

Recommended Books:

Watch Alysia Run 34 Weeks Pregnant

Ep.4- Nico Van Slyke: Staying True To Your Vision, Training Princes, Nutrition, & How to Dream Big & Follow Through

On this episode we discuss the power of staying true to your vision, Traveling the world to do what you love, training Princes & royalty, optimal nutrition, and how to dream big and follow through with everything you set your mind to.


Show Notes:

Book Recommendations:

The Power by Rhonda Byrne


Recommended Podcasts:

School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

Ask Gary Vee Show

The MFCEO Podcast

Elevation Church

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Ep.3- Samantha Davis: Disrupting the Health Care System, Entrepreneurship, Being a Good Listener, & Overcoming Adversity

In this episode I interview Samantha Davis. Sam is a badass entrepreneur/Mompreneur, owner of Grounded Mamas, a holistic Doula service, she’s an Essential Oil enthusiast, and a powerful visionary who has a mission to disrupt the health care industry and help people live truly thriving lives. We discuss all of that in this powerful 3rd episode of Thrive Academy!

Show Notes:

Grounded Mamas.com

Instagram: @keepingthedreams and @groundedmamas

Facebook: Samantha Davis



How to Win Friends & Influence People

The Mastery of Love

The 5 Love Languages

The Untethered Soul



Ep.2- Elizabeth Mersereau: How to Heal With Whole Foods, What Food Test’s You Should Have Done, & The Power of Affirmations

On this episode I interview Clinical Nutritionist, Health Advisor at The Clean 30, Barre Instructor, my good friend Elizabeth Mersereau. We discuss the power of eating real, whole foods. She opens up about her Vegan-to-Paleo experience. We talk about what tests you should have done to find out your chemical imbalances, food intolerances and allergies. We discuss how she healed her leaky gut and SIBO using food as her medicine (and how YOU can do the same). And We even dove into the transformative power of affirmations and visualization.

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Show Notes:

SIBO: Breathe test-

Stool test: bacterial overgrowth, pathogens, variety of bacteria,

Blood test: US Biotech IGE or IGA : food intolerances – profiles for food panels : Mexican, Asian, American food.

FSA and HSA cards: Putting aside a certain amount of money you won’t be taxed on and use that account to pay for these procedures.

The 30 Clean:

Swiss Water Process – naturally removes caffeine from coffee beans

Eat Dirt– Dr. Axe

Fast Food Nation

Chris Kresser- Podcast

Wim Hoff Method of breathing

Headspace- Meditation App

Tony Robbins – I Am Not Your Guru

Website: brightbellynutrition.com

Instagram: @brightbelly

Ep1- Nini Silverman: Keys to Simplifying your Life, Nutrition, Fitness, and Relationships, and How to Embrace the Shitty Days

Ep.1: Nini Silverman. Nini is an ex-USC Soccer Star, radically fit mother of two, and all-around badass. This episode is full of so many gems and hilarious moments. It takes us a few minutes to get going, but once we hit our stride it’s pure awesomeness!

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