Ep.30: Nadine Mitchell- Embracing Your TRUE Self, Overcoming Addiction, & The Power of Community

As the host of this podcast I have the incredible privilege of sitting down with some pretty rad peeps who are doing some really epic shit in the world. I get to ask them questions about their lives and deconstruct their “success” in a way that most people never have the opportunity to do, and it’s freakin’ awesome! Such a blessing… But very rarely do I get to sit down with someone who I have been homies with for 15+ years and hear them tell me their real story from beginning to end. Today I was blessed with that gift.

Today, on episode 30 (so fitting!), I was able to sit down with Nadine Mitchell. Nadine is a badass Christian mom, blogger, influencer, entrepreneur, who is doing LOTS of good in the world. She is the mother of 3 beautiful daughters and has a fourth little miracle on the way, hence the name of her blog, Mother of Daughters (love that name!). Nadine’s story is one of overcoming trials and tribulations, and how she was able to turn her MESS into her MESSAGE. She is an advocate for women and uses her blog as a platform to reach, help, and inspire people to love themselves, find and keep the faith, and always trust that God has a very specific purpose for their life.

I can’t wait for you to peep this conversation. There are so many gems in it that I know will spark the change in at LEAST one person out there. We dive into her personal journey and struggles with abuse, addiction, PTSD, and Disassociate Disorder. She opens up and gets so real and vulnerable with her marriage with the ups and the downs that they’ve experienced so far. We talk about parenting, community, God, church, and, as she would say, “all the things!” Ha! She cracks me up :) Anyway, Nadine’s spirit is SO refreshing, her transparency is beautiful, and her authenticity is unparalled, which makes her one of the most fun and engaging interviews I’ve had so far.

So please, ENJOY!


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Show Notes


Nadine’s Blog (AMAZING CONTENT!)  motherofdaughtrers.blog

Follow Nadine on Instagram: @_motherofdaughters

The IG account she created to bridge the gap of the superficiality of social media relationships and build an authentic real-life community:  @motherlymeets