Ep.32: Julie Piatt (SriMati)- Homeschooling (Unschooling), Intuitive Parenting, and Conscious Creativity

“If you feel as if you don’t belong to anything, it’s because you came in to create something new that’s never existed before” –Ken Wilbur

Honestly, I had really high expectations for this conversation. I’ve listened to SriMati speak hundreds of times and I know the kind of wisdom she carries and power she packs in her words and vibration. All that being said, somehow, this conversation far exceeded all of my expectations. It seemed like one big transmission  was being called out of us (mostly her, I just asked the questions :). Even the location and weather for this episode was divine, yes, DIVINE! Julie and Rich’s home is so beautiful and welcoming and the vibes are unlike any other home I’ve ever been in. The weather was incredible, sunny and 75! We laughed, cried, and really created something special with this episode, and I’m so excited to bring it to you.

So who is Sri Mati? She is an incredibly strong, compassionate, artistic and forward-thinking, beautiful being. She is a mom and a wife and an artist, a yogi, a singer/musician, a plant-based chef, a podcast host, and an overall badass. She travels the world teaching and hosting yoga/wellness retreats. She’s authored 3 best-selling cookbooks that transcend the stereotype of what a “cookbook” really is. They are more like healthy lifestyle guidebooks that emphasize tasty plant-based recipe’s for the whole family to engage in. She is the host of the Divine Throughline Podcast. She is the creator of the Jai Yoga online video series. And I’m sure there about 25 other things she’s done that I’m not mentioning. The point is that she’s amazing and she graced us all with her beautiful presence today on this episode.

Thank you, SriMati!

On this episode we really dig into some hot-button topics that I have been dying to discuss with Julie for years. The main topic being that of homeschooling, or UN-schooling as Sri likes to call it. We talk about the incredible benefits of homeschooling/un-schooling, why the school system is broken and outdated. We talk about what an ideal homeschooling structure could and should look like. Julie explains why so many of the homeschooling myths are misleading and simply wrong. She gives advice for parents who are being called to homeschool but are unsure if they are adequately equipped to do so. We really dive deep into this topic and let me just tell you how much I learned and how much my entire perspective has shifted because of this conversation. Yes, it’s THAT good!


We also touch on other super rad topics like how to teach and cultivate creativity. We talk about conscious/intuitive parenting. We discuss plant-based nutrition and how to care for your body mind and spirit. And we talk about a bunch of other things that you will just have to listen to the episode to really experience.


This episode was such a treat, and I hope it finds you with the same energy that went into creating it for you.


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