Ep.33: Plant-Based 101: Tips, Results, & Changes to Expect When Adopting a Plant-Based Lifestyle

This episode was created out of pure inspiration. I was inspired by the questions I’m most frequently asked in regards to adopting a plant-based (PlantPowered) lifestyle.

Over the past month I’ve been documenting my journey into cleansing and detoxification all over Instagram. I’ve eaten absolutely NOTHING but fruits and vegetables for the past twenty-one days, juiced twice a day for most of them, and have watched my entire body (and life/consciousness) transform. I had some really intense detox symptoms and I’ve had the best sleep I’ve ever had in my life. There have been lots of ups and downs but overall it’s been the most regenerating experience of my life. Throughout this documentation I’ve been receiving more questions than I ever have before.

People are extremely plant-curious. With all that’s going on in the environment, animal rights, healthcare (disease-care), disease, obesity, etc. people are starting to wake up to the fact that the old way of diet and nutrition is not working anymore, and it’s time for a SHIFT.

This shift is a shift away from animal-based products that clog up our systems and bog us down, to a clear and regenerative way of living that hydrates, alkalizes, and nourishes our entire being, and the planet! It’s time we wake up to the fact that we are being called to step up and look out for our Mother, Mother Nature. She has provided us with everything we need, yet we’ve taken advantage of her and exploited her in every way imaginable. Now she is starting to feel the effects of our exploitation and something has got to give.

This is why NOW is the time to embrace a PLANTPOWERED Lifestyle. Give back to our Mother. Take back your health and vibrancy. Protect our planet. Look out for our animal brothers and sisters. Step into a higher level of consciousness that exists on the other side.


Today’s podcast is a response to this calling. I wanted create something to help anyone trying to make the tansition but might not know where to start.

I broke the episode into two parts: the first part consists of the 8 results/experiences you can expect when transitioning from your lifestyle/diet to a plant-based one. The second half of the episode is all about the 8 tips I’d recommend you do once you’ve made the transition and you’re all good to go. You should be able to use these tips as your compass to navigate these unknown waters successfully and enjoyably without making a lot of the mistakes that I made.


I hope this episodes help you out, and maybe even inspires you to take the leap you’ve been called to take. If it does, please feel free to share it out with friends and family on any and all social platforms. You can tag me on Instagram @jessguidroz and use the hashtag #thriveacademypodcast.


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Show Notes:

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