Ep.34- Michael McPherson: Tapping Into Your Heart, Meeting Emotions With Compassion, & Learning Parenting Lessons From Our Kids

“The way to get connected to what inspires you is to tap into your Heart” –Michael McPherson

So stoked to welcome BACK Michael McPherson to the show! We’ve been called to collaborate and rap together on the show once a month from here on out. Michael and I vibe really well and share a similar vision for what we’d like to create in the world so teaming up was an absolute no-brainer. Michael is someone I really look up to and feel inspired by every time I’m around him and I couldn’t be more grateful for his friendship.


Today’s episode was so much fun to record. We had NO agenda, no planned talking points, no game plan. We simply poured our cacao (KAKAO), hit record, and freestyled our way to epic-ness!


Man, this episode is full of so many gems! We dive into what heart-centered living is and how to find what inspires you by learning how to tap into your heart. We discussed the incredible power of Compassion and how to learn to cultivate compassion for our emotions whenever we feel them. We discuss masculinity and we each share personal struggles we face with certain issues revolving around what it means to be a “man”. Then we end the show talking about parenting…yes, parenting! Definitely NOT a topic either of us thought we’d be having, but it came out so naturally and powerfully and we really touched on some really important points that I know you’ll really get a lot of value from.


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