Ep.39: Angie Sanchez- Self Love Above All Else

What a treat! Had a blast rapping with Angie Sanchez on the podcast again! If you missed our previous chat go and check out episode 15 to learn more about Angie and the radical things she’s doing in the world.

This conversation was a unique one. We opened up talking about Angie’s recent Ayahuasca ceremonies and the breakthroughs she’s been experiencing. This led us into what we discuss for the majority of the podcast, which is SELF LOVE. We discuss why it’s so important, how to have more of it, why so many people struggle with it, and how and why it’s what WILL change the world.

This conversation was so much fun, and the part is we know it’s going to help so many people!

Enjoy :)



Peace Love Light,



Show Notes:


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