Ep.44: Nicole Guidroz- Our Water Birth Story, Birth Without Fear, & Empowering Mama’s To Trust In Their Bodies

This episode will go down as the most meaningful, emotional & personal podcast to date. Today I got to sit down and retell our water birth story with my beautiful wife, Nicole.

This conversation is jam-packed full of motherly wisdom and intuitive guidance for anyone looking to give birth or start a family. Even if you’re not in that position I can guarantee this conversation will move you and have a positive impact on you.

We dive into why having a natural birth outside of the hospital is so empowering. We discuss the importance of having a team/tribe around you throughout the entire pregnancy/birthing process. We discuss the common fears about having a baby outside of the hospital and how to overcome them. Nicole sheds light on her own birthing preparation and how she gets ready from an emotional-spiritual standpoint. She discusses the differences between a hospital birth and giving birth at a Birthing Center. She explains how powerful and wise the human body is an how it knows exactly what to do when it comes to creating a child, labor & delivery. She explains why birth should not be an experience that is feared and should be one of empowerment and faith. Lastly, Nicole shares her personal trials & triumphs throughout her journey & how she was able to overcome them and have the most beautiful experience of her life.

I’m so proud and excited to bring this episode to you.

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We love you guys and are filled with so much gratitude for you and your support.

Peace Love Light,

Jess & Nicole



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