Ep.45: Tiffany Gallo- Thriving as a Midwife, Entrepreneur, & Mama

Welcome to part II of our 3-part natural birthing series here on the Thrive Academy podcast!

Today’s guest is very dear to my heart as she was our Midwife throughout our entire birthing process with the newest edition to our family.

Tiffany Adler. Tiffany is a Midwife, runs an incredible Birthing Center, Pure Births, and is a full-time mama. The lady can do it all.

This episode was so rad because of all the bases that we covered. We chat all about natural out-of-hospital birth. We discuss the education, certifications, and journey one must go on to become a midwife. We dive deep into what a Midwife does and the kind of care and the safety that Tiffany offers all of her mama’s.

Then the episode takes a pleasant turn when we begin to dive deep into Tiffany’s personal life and the journey that has led her to where she is at today. It’s this part of the conversation that we dive deep into the entrepreneurial journey and her personal manifestation process. We talk about meditation, visualization, and the importance of having a daily mindfulness practice.

I’m so happy with the way this episode came out and I’m so excited to share it with you here today. If you know anyone who is expecting a child in the near future please feel free to share this episode with them. Sometimes planting the seed is all it takes to change a life :)

Also, checkout Tiffany’s beautiful birthing center’s website, PureBirths.com to learn more about the incredible things they have going on over there.

If you’d like some more of Tiffany and would like to connect with her on social here are all of her handles.

Instagram: @purebirths 

Personal IG: @tiff.adler

Facebook: Tiffany Adler


I love you guys! Talk to you next week :)



Peace Love Light,