Ep.2- Elizabeth Mersereau: How to Heal With Whole Foods, What Food Test’s You Should Have Done, & The Power of Affirmations

On this episode I interview Clinical Nutritionist, Health Advisor at The Clean 30, Barre Instructor, my good friend Elizabeth Mersereau. We discuss the power of eating real, whole foods. She opens up about her Vegan-to-Paleo experience. We talk about what tests you should have done to find out your chemical imbalances, food intolerances and allergies. We discuss how she healed her leaky gut and SIBO using food as her medicine (and how YOU can do the same). And We even dove into the transformative power of affirmations and visualization.

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Show Notes:

SIBO: Breathe test-

Stool test: bacterial overgrowth, pathogens, variety of bacteria,

Blood test: US Biotech IGE or IGA : food intolerances – profiles for food panels : Mexican, Asian, American food.

FSA and HSA cards: Putting aside a certain amount of money you won’t be taxed on and use that account to pay for these procedures.

The 30 Clean:

Swiss Water Process – naturally removes caffeine from coffee beans

Eat Dirt– Dr. Axe

Fast Food Nation

Chris Kresser- Podcast

Wim Hoff Method of breathing

Headspace- Meditation App

Tony Robbins – I Am Not Your Guru

Website: brightbellynutrition.com

Instagram: @brightbelly